All You Need To Know About Perfume Basics


All About Perfume Basics


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introduction To Perfume Basics :

Hay guys welcome to my blog fashion learners.

Lots of people think that shoes is more important thing of dressing or probable, the overall outfit is more important than anything else but you are missing something.

When you enter any room or if you meet someone then before people notice what you wear people notice how do you smell so keep this in your mind.

So there are some basic rules of perfume which you need to follow when you come to perfumes.

Rules Of Perfume:

(1) Deodorant is not a perfume deodorant is for gym or when you go for sports.

(2) you need to apply perfume in right way I will explain this topic after these rules.

(3) All perfumes don’t suit everyone you need to identify a perfect perfume that will suit you and your personality.

Types of perfume :

(1)Eau de cologne:

In this type of perfume the concentration of essential oils is very lees the concentration is approximately 2% to 7%.

Due to less concentration of essential oils perfume is not long-lasting it will last up to 2 to 3 hours and that’s why cost of  Eau de cologne is very cheap.

(2)Eau De Toilette:

This perfume type is also known as EDT this perfume is more concentrated then eau de cologne the concentration of essential oils is approximately 10% to 15%.

So due to that the eau de toilette last longer its lasting time is approx 3 to 4 hours this type of perfume is most selling perfume on glob and its cost is also in an affordable range.

(3)Eau De Perfum:

Concentration of essential oils  in this type of perfume is in between 15% to 20% due to this the cost of perfume is higher than the other type of Eau de this will last up to 4 to 6 hours.

(4)Pure Perfume:

This is a best type of perfume concentration is starts from 20% to 40% and even up to 50% and due to this the cost of this is very high and It lasts up to 9 to 10 hours.

And smell of this type of perfume is very classy and very attractive this perfume is count as sign of classiness and richness .

Perfume Notes:

There is three types of notes in perfume.

(1)Top notes:

Top notes is also known as front notes when you apply first spray of perfume on your skin then the first smell of perfume you notes its called top notes or front note of perfume.

The top notes of almost all perfume is smell like a ginger or citrus due the smell of citrus and ginger will loved by humans.

(2)Middle Notes:

Middle notes is also known as hart notes after 2 to 3 hours of top note it will evaporate and then middle notes begins to come.

Smell of lavender and rose is used in middle notes or other similar smell is used.

(3)Base notes:

Base notes begin to come after 5 to 6 hours but it depends on the perfume concentration and quality of perfume which you wear.

Mostly musky smell is used in base notes and it will last up to 8 to 10 hours and in some perfume base notes last up to 1 day.  

How To Apply Body Perfume or How To wear Perfume in right way:

If you are living in a cold country's like Canada or USA then due to your surrounding temperature is cold you not need to apply much perfume you just need to follow below steps.

This Is for both men and women if you follow these steps your perfume lasts longer and you get more compliments.

This is called five spray perfume routine:

Step 1: one spray behind each ear

Step 2: one spay behind your neck

Step 3: one spay on each shoulder

That’s it this is the most efficient way to apply perfume if you follow these steps you get more compliments as well.

And if you are from stats where temperature is a little bit higher like INDIA then you don’t follow five spray routine if you follow that routine then your perfume not last long.

So for stats where humidity is high and temperature is high then you need to follow below steps.

Step 1: two spray under each armpit

Step 2: two spray on scalp hair not on scalp on hair  due the scalp hair is a little bit colder than our whole body so perfume last longer in this  region.

Step 3: one spray behind each ear

Step 4: one spray behind  neck 

Step 5: one spray on front of shirt

 This steps works for every INDIAN man if you follow these steps then you definitely got many compliments.

Perfume According To The Occasion:

There is mainly three categories in perfume

(1)Day Time Perfume

In day time occasion your need to use perfume whishes smell is fruity, icy, and fresh that type of perfume is perfect for day time wearing this are very high personality smell.

(2)Neutral Perfume

If occasion is at med day time then you need to go with neutral perfumes this perfumes are perfect for movie time or if you are going to the mall or for super  casual occasions like meetings.

These perfumes smell very clean or low personality  if you are not going in-crowd then you can use this perfumes you can use this perfume with formal wear.

(3)Night Time Perfume 

Smell of night time perfume is very thick smell if you are going in party or if you wear a jacket or other nighttime wear then this perfumes are perfect.

This is high personality fragrances and its smell is very sharp,         thick and strong if you use this fragrance at night time then you definitely get many compliments.

Perfume Hacks or Pro Perfume Tricks :

(1)Don’t rub the perfume this will destroy molecule of perfume

(2)Don’t spray synthetic perfume on your skin if you use synthetic perfume then spray it on your clothes.

(3)Select a perfect fragrance according to the occasion.

(4)Don’t apply too much perfume don’t apply more than 7 sprays.

Conclusion of Perfume Basics:    

 Don’t apply deodorants if you are not going to gym select perfect perfume for your self which will suits you and your personality.

Wear perfume in a right way follow 5 sprays or 7 sprays routine select perfume according to the occasion and don’t apply very much amount of perfume.

If you want any suggestions on perfume or if you want examples of perfume then leave a comment in comment box.

Thanks for reading. 


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