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Wedding Clothes Fashion For Men And Women in 2020

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This is a wedding special blog if you want to look most attractive in wedding if you want to look most fashionable person of wedding then this blog is for you.

In this blog, I will explain wedding fashion secrets of 2020 then different outfit options different budget options different color options.

 Wedding Clothes Fashion options for men :

(1) Basic Kurta :

Kurta is The most underrated fashion option special in India kurta look is so amazing for a wedding there is three types of a kurta.

Plain and simple kurta :

You can wear this kurta for any festival or in schools and colleges but don’t wear plain kurta in wedding its look very  simple so it's not good for wedding fashion.

If you want to wear a plain and simple kurta in a wedding then you need to wear a Nehru jacket with it, if you wear a Nehru jacket on simple kurta then it looks great.

You can also use glossy material like silk for simple kurta to make it shinier and attractive.

Kurta with design:

This type of kurta has a little bit of design around neck buttons this type of kurta is best for a destination wedding, if you wear this type of kurta then your look most attractive men of weddings.

This kurta is next level of fashion it will improve your overall look for wedding so if you want to wear kurta in wedding  then go with this type of kurta.

Fancy kurta :

This type of kurta is not for weddings its look very fancy and did not suit in wedding its kurta is for collage functions or for normal day time functions.

Versatile colors for kurta is white, cream, yellow, yellowish,  red, maroon select these colors for a wedding kurta these colors are known as wedding colors.

This is most basic wedding look you can wear brown color watch with kurta and Kolhapuri shoes this will make your look perfect for a wedding.

You can also wear India formal shoes or western formal shoes if your overall look is black toned.

(2) Sherwani :

 India shout is called sherwani this is a crossover of shout and kurta the cutting of sherwani is like kurta but you need to wear it like a suit.

When you wear a sherwani then you need  to wear a plain kurta under the sherwani and  wear same material churidar and then wear  sherwani on kurta always selects black color sherwani at first time buying.

For night time functions you can select navy-blue or gray color sherwani and for day time function select gold, silver, white, cream, pink or light blue select one of this color or variant of these colors.

Select Indian formal shoes or western formal shoes with sherwani but in western formal shoes select monk strap shoes its looks more attractive with sherwani.  

(3)Jodhpuri :

As the sherwani is long shout the jodhpuri are short shout jodhpuri gives you very royal look if  you want to look royal and younger then select jodhpuri at place of sherwani.

Use hair wax or other hair product when you wear jodhpuri to maintain royal look and wear good quality perfume there was some basic perfume rules you need to know.

If you don’t read our perfume basics blog then click here.

Asymmetric Jodhpuri :

This  is one more type of jodhpuri  this type of jodhpuri is in fashion now a days in this type of jodhpuri the bottom of jodhpuri is curved or asymmetric this is very fancy and looks very fashionable.

Select dark colors only for jodhpuri and don’t wear jodhpuri in day time functions jodhpuris are only for night time functions.

(4)Suits :

You can wear suits in two different ways or two different styles.

Three-piece suit :

As we all know the suit is most classic look for weddings but you need to choose right color combinations like if your jacket, pent and waistcoat is navy blue then don’t select plain white shirt select white shirt with a pattern.

Don’t wear a tie in a wedding with a three-piece suit.  

Two-piece suit :

In this suit look don’t wear a waistcoat and select good tie don’t select a very dark color tie a select light color tie and always use tie bar with tie it will improve your overall look.

Wedding guest outfit options for women 2020 :

(1)Palazzo with Sharara :

 Palazzo and sharara is most trending outfit in weddings in 2020 and combination of wine palazzo and sharara with golden pattern looks great in a wedding.

(2)Salwar suit :

Salwar suit is also a very trendy fashion in 2020 if you select maroon salwar suit with red and orange design and shiny border then you look most beautiful in a wedding.

(3)Lehenga choli in bandhani dupatta :

Georgette dark brown lehenga  choli with bandhani dupatta and red blouse  look really very amazing  you can select golden and orange designs on dupatta this combination is  perfect for wedding time.

(4)Anarkali Dress :

Anarkali gives you a modern and traditional look in wedding select choli with mirror work and Kota work of sea green color and the flared color should be purple and yellow dupatta.

(5)Gown Dress:

You can select sky blue Gown dress with green and pink design in top and golden pattern in bottom, it looks great for a reception and also for other small functions.

Conclusion of wedding fashion :

Select right cloths according to function time day time or night select perfect colors and do right color matching.

Don’t wear t-shirts at weddings and don’t select very dark colors.

Pair your clothing with matching color accessories and shoes to look great.

Always use hair products and perfume before going into any functions.

All clothes should be perfectly stitched according to your body measurements and always use good quality material for wedding clothes.

If you want to know more about color matching then leave the comment in comment box.

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