Top 10 John Varvatos Perfume Reviews


John Varvatos Perfume reviews

John varvatos perfume review

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John Varvatos is an amazing perfume brand that makes very luxurious perfumes at a good price. There is a large range of perfumes from John Varvatos.

But all of them are not good some of them are really very good and some john Varvatos perfumes don’t have a good performance.

so if you want to select best perfume from john Varvatos perfume range then here is the list of best and top 15 john Varvatos perfumes.

I made this top 15 list depending on performance of the perfume then cost of perfume and smell of perfume this list will help you to select best john Varvatos perfume.

(1) Dark Rebel Original:

This is the best John Varvatos perfume because this perfume has so much character so much flavor and this is perfect for men.

The dark rebel smell is called oriental woody which includes smell of wood, tobacco and dark leather or black leather, this is the best perfume for night time.

Specie smell in this perfume includes the smell of black paper cardamom, and a little bit of juniper berry this species will make this perfume more muscular.    

This perfume also has little bit fruity, creamy, and little bit sweetness in base notes if you don’t know what is notes of perfume and what is the types of perfume then click hear. 

If we talk about performance then this is an Eau de toilette type perfume so it will last up to 6 hours which is good.

(2) Artisan Pure:

This perfume from john Varvatos has a white floral smell its also smell very elegant and casual perfume grate if you are going to beach party or outdoor.

The main smell of this perfume includes smell of orange, white floral, and smooth wood perfect for day time.

This John Varvatos perfume has best performance than all other john Varvatos perfumes this perfume last up to 8 hours if you are finding perfect day time perfume then goes with this perfume.

(3) Artisan :

This perfume smells like soap not exactly but it is very unique smell these perfumes have really very fresh and clean smell like you just came out from bath.

If we talk about performance then this perfume has very amazing performance this perfume last very long up to 8 hours this is perfect office perfume.

(4) John Varvatos Vintage:

This perfume is a perfect combination of tobacco and tonka beans this is very manly perfume. This is a very classic perfume for men.

But the performance of this perfume is not good it's last up to 4 hours but its smell is amazing if you want to go for a small dinner party then this is a good perfume.

If you are finding perfume which last long then this perfume is not for you but if you want manly perfume then this is for you.

(5)John Varvatos original:

The smell of this perfume is called oriental woody similar to the dark rebel but this perfume smells like soft, plump leather, not like dark leather.

Then in base notes its clearly smells very citrusy and little a bit like sandalwood.

This perfume also has a spicy smell in it so this is perfect for casual time or night time this is very interesting perfume.

But the performance of this perfume is not good this perfume lasts up to 6 hours.

(6)John Varvatos artisan black:

There is a very soft leather smell in top note then after the hart notes smell like little bit sweet and fruity and its base notes smell like lavender.

Performance of this perfume is average it's last up to 6 hours and its smell is fresh so you can wear this perfume at day time but in summer time you can wear this perfume at night time as well.

(7) John Varvatos Acqua:

At the top notes of this perfume, there is a smell of lemon and its smell lite bit sweet as well then at middle notes its smell like lavender and in base notes, there is a cypress.

This perfume has an average performance this perfume last up to 5 to 7 hours this perfume is perfect for office time and for evening time.

(8)John Varvatos Artisan Blu:

This perfume is very fresh and clean its smell is very citrusy it also contains smell of lemongrass which will make this perfume fresher. And a little bit of bergamot smell was there in this perfume.

If you are finding fresh perfume then go with this perfume this perfume smells really very fresh and clean this is an ideal perfume for summer.

The performance of this perfume is not good it's last up to 5 hours but this perfume is really amazing so go for it if you want fresh smelling perfume.

(9)John Varvatos Nick Jonas:

This perfume shows the collaboration of john Varvatos with Nick Jonas, it is an EDT type perfume its top notes smell citrusy similar to other john Varvatos perfumes also have a smell of mint.

Then hart note of this perfume gives you smell of lavender or  creamy lavender than in base notes It smells like sandalwood. This is a very creamy and fruity perfume you can wear it at day time this is a perfect day time perfume.

Performance of this perfume is average this perfume last up to 6 hours.

(10) John Varvatos JV X NJ Crimson:

In the top notes of this perfume, there is bergamot, Cuban rum, apple, carbonated coffee, cedar leaf this all smell make perfume very intense and very manly perfume perfect for night time party.

In hart notes, there is a smell of saffron, lavender, suede, and amber this combination givers a little bit floral smell to perfume.

In base notes, this perfume contains labdanum, patchouli, incense, salted musk, and vetiver this combination gives a spicy smell to perfume.

It has a little bit of sweetness which is not much intense and the coffee notes are also not much intense it is very light but its smell able it is a really very nice night time perfume from John Varvatos.

Its performance is good, not very bed this perfume last up to 6 hours.

This is the top 10 john Varvatos perfumes if you are going with john Varvatos perfume then you need to compromise the performance.

Some of them perform very well but some of this doesn’t last long so keep this in your mind when you are buying a john Varvatos perfume.

If you want to know more about John Varvatos perfume then comment down below.

Thanks for reading.  

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